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I'm a neurobiologist and a pop-music junkie, and a singer/songwriter/performer based in Los Angeles.

I also write and produce my own songs in my home studio, and you can find my work on all the platforms under "Shivan Luca"

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Hey thanks for checking out my music!  I am a musician and scientist from California (Davis --> Berkeley --> LA).  I played piano growing up, and started playing guitar and writing when I was a teenager and I guess now that I'm thinking about it, I am still just trying to figure out how to make my songs take full form.

My favorite and most fluid writing comes with my acoustic guitar, electric pianos, and the Notes app on my phone - and I'm always trying to get juicier bass, clearer mixes, and ticklier (?) fun sounds and feelings in the songs I produce.

If you're interested in seeing me live sometime, check out the calendar below - and check out my music on Spotify, Apple Music, Youtube, or wherever you listen to music! (links at the top of the page)