Hello ladies and gents - thanks for stopping by!!

Check out my new singles "Night Sweats", "Jeannie", and "Keep It" - (fairly) hot off the press! You can find them on the music page here or on your favorite music distribution platform! (Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon, Youtube, etc.)

A little about me: I've been a singer/songwriter, performer, and producer for about a decade now, and of course I've got my tentacles in a whole lot of projects...but it's been a lot of rapid growth for me in many ways this last year, and I'm tingling to to share a ton of new material with you as I poke my nose further and further into this "music business" with all my heart - please stay tuned for regular music releases and shows all through this fall and winter!

Mosey on over to the social media links page and you can follow my Instagram and Youtube, where I post clips of cover songs and much more - and please sign up for my mailing list so I can hit your inbox with exciting announcements!! Come to a show sometime - I'd love to meet you!

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    Shivan live and acoustic (FREE) at UCLA

    UCLA Kerckhoff Coffeehouse, 308 Westwood Plaza, Los Angeles, CA

    I’m playing at the Kerckhoff Coffee House ("The Harry Potter Cafe") at UCLA on Monday, October 1st!! ☕️📓 I’ve been wanting to play this gig for years now, and it just didn’t happen while I was a student. Come check out some originals and cover tunes and take a wee break from studying - I’ll serenade you for an hour then let you get back to it. And I’ll answer your questions on gene expression in neurons, if that’s what you happen to be studying