Hello ladies and gents!

Thanks for stopping by my webpage - check out my new single "Night Sweats" hot off the press! You can find it on the music page here or on your favorite music distribution platform! (Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon, Youtube, etc.)

I've been a singer/songwriter, performer, and producer for about a decade now, and of course I've got my tentacles in a whole lot of projects...but it's been a big year for me in many ways and I can't wait to share a ton of new material with you as I'm diving into this music biznass with all my heart - please stay tuned for regular music releases and shows all through summer 2018!

If you mosey on over to my social media links page, you can follow my Instagram and Youtube, where I post clips of cover songs and much more!

Peace and love and I hope to meet you all soon - please sign up for my mailing list so I can hit your inbox with exciting announcements...

...and check out my interview (below) with Jud Friedman at qWaqq!


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